Interior design project

The Glass Factory public areas are pretty nice. When I bought I was not turned off by them, but there’s always room for improvement in any design that is 5+ years old.

We’re in the process of finding interior designers in the Boston area to work with. We plan to redo the hallways on each of the 8 floors along with a few public areas like the lobby, front office and media center.

We’ve got a list of about five designers right now and we’re still looking for more. If you’ve worked with anyone in the Boston area and you’d like to recommend them, please leave a comment.

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Security and safety

This month the Glass Factory is undergoing a security upgrade. There has always been a nice security system with key fobs and codes, but it’s getting a bit of a face lift.

Sometime before I moved into the building, they purchased a software upgrade to the security system. Unfortunately, it did not play well with the existing key fobs and codes. But this month everything will be reset and new fobs and codes will be issued. That way everything gets a fresh start. Any codes that had been floating around insecurely will stop working.

It’s nice to know that the Glass Factory community is focused on security and willing to invest in the continued safety of the building.

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New lighting installed

Getting a new track light system installed in my living room was the last major project on my home improvement list. Yesterday the professionals from JDO Electric came out and installed a brand new GK Lightrail system and a low-voltage dimmer. The picture here is not of my actual living room, the lights are the same but I chose to go with straight track instead of curvy. The total track length is 10 feet and there are 5 lights, it covers the entire living room nicely and the dimmer is a must-have.

The installation took about 4 hours and a couple of holes had to be cut in the wall and ceiling. JDO did a nice repair job on the drywall and I just need to do a little sanding and painting to finish things up.

It’s nice to own, and to be able to make home improvements on my own terms. Although I fear I might be a little bored without projects to do around the house, I guess I will have more time for blogging here.

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Warm and cozy

Glass Factory CondosAs the temperature outside dips into the low 30s it has become clear that Fall is gone and Winter has arrived in Cambridge. Despite the chill outside, it is warm and cozy here inside the Glass Factory.

The HVAC system here is a 2-pipe system. That means that half of the year cold water is distributed for A/C and the other half hot water is produced for heat. All the condos have a number of fan coil units that the residents can control. Air is blown (fan) through a radiator-like device (coil) inside the unit and hot or cold air comes out the vent. It’s a very efficient system. You can see one of my fan coil units on the wall to the right of the window in the photo.

Despite the chill outside, I still have not needed to turn on my heat. I think this is for two reasons. One, the windows are all doubled up, there is an inside and outside sash for each of the windows. Two, the exterior walls are thick and well insulated. My condo is a comfortable 70 degrees during the day and a little cooler at night. I expect that when the temperature outside drops into the single digits I may need to turn the heat on, but for now I’m happy to leave it untouched.

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Buying at the Glass Factory

Glass Factory Condominium BuildingThe Glass Factory is a beautiful luxury condominium building located in Cambridge MA. The building was originally a Glass Factory, hence the name. In 2005 developers converted the building to condos and my new home was born — although I didn’t actually join the community until 2010.
In real estate there are only three things that matter: Location, Location, Location. To me, the Glass Factory had all three. The condominium building is located directly across the street from Lechmere station on the Green Line, making anywhere in the Boston area an easy T ride away. East Cambridge has grown into a nice community over the years. It used to be a little too calm and quiet, but now there is some buzz.
Another major selling point was that the fact that the Glass Factory was already an established community. There were other condominiums available in East Cambridge, but they were mostly in new complexes that were undersold. It’s nice to actually have neighbors, and to know that the complex is not going to collapse financially. After reading about some of the financial difficulties in the other condo developments nearby, the Glass Factory looked even better.
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Site launch

Although the Glass Factory has been around for more than 5 years, there wasn’t a real internet presence. So I created this site! I plan to share my experiences from living at the Glass Factory here. And I will attempt to build out a photo gallery over time. The building looks great now but there are improvements underway to make it look even better.

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